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Elaine Burrows Dillane

To say successfully swimming The North Channel is a dream come true for me is an understatement. On July 21st 2021 I actually swam from Scotland to the North of Ireland, how… Read more “Elaine Burrows Dillane”

Dal Riata, Mná na Mara, June 2021

This was a rollercoaster journey from Mull of Kintyre to Tornamoney Point, Co Antrim. The water was crystal clear, but cold at 11’c. The scenery was majestic, “dark distant mountains with valleys… Read more “Dal Riata, Mná na Mara, June 2021”


When I completed my first channel relay with Infinity and the Deadly Diamonds in 2016, I thought it couldn’t get any better and that I wouldn’t do this again. However, training with… Read more “Jane”

Team Rocket North Channel 2021

A big thank you to infinity Channel Swimming. Kieran, Jack were simply amazing. To meet someone in Bangor Marina in the dark for the first time and then ending the day believing… Read more “Team Rocket North Channel 2021”

Steven Grimley

I took on the most challenging swim I have ever done 22.5k from Victoria lock to the helli hunter marker bouy at the start of carlingfordlough. The training was done the mind… Read more “Steven Grimley”

infinity Channel Crossings, what a team. 

Anyone who is thinking of crossing the channel is nuts, so many things can go wrong and will go wrong, but it at least you know one part of the equation is… Read more “infinity Channel Crossings, what a team. “

Mark Walton
Guinness world record holder


Couldn’t agree more, what a team you are at Infinity! Your expertise, care, attention to every last detail, the laughter, the singing, and the tears I will remember this adventure for the… Read more “Team MNÁ NA MARA”


infinity Channel Swimming supporting SEA SHEPHERD

Sea Shepherd mission is to defend, conserve and protect our ocean. Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife and conserve and… Read more “infinity Channel Swimming supporting SEA SHEPHERD”

My journey to succeed the North channel and thus the Oceans Seven

When I got all details from the Oceans Seven series I was sure that my main challenge would be the North channel. I swam rough places in the world and my experience… Read more “My journey to succeed the North channel and thus the Oceans Seven”

Mányoki Attila
IMSHOF Honor Swimmer

Juileanne Goode

From the moment I arrived in Northern Ireland and made contact with Pádraig and Jacqueline, I knew I was in the best of hands. In the months leading up to my swim… Read more “Juileanne Goode”

Unlocking the Lough

Lauren O’Malley USA swims Carlingford Lough Victoria Lock to Helly Hunter Through many of my adventures and sporting challenges I have been privileged to see rare and wild landscapes and striking natural… Read more “Unlocking the Lough”

Lauren O'Malley USA swims Carlingford Lough Victoria Lock to Helly Hunter

Anna’s North Channel Swim

Take a teaspoon of cement, and toughen the hell up! It says something about a person, when they choose to take on the challenge of swimming the North Channel. I am not… Read more “Anna’s North Channel Swim”

The Battle Of Carlingford Lough, Ireland

Susan Douglas has reported in from her Bank Holiday weekend away in Ireland at Omeath which is on the East Coast almost on the border between North & Southern Ireland:- “I’ve been in… Read more “The Battle Of Carlingford Lough, Ireland”

Sinead Douglas
May 26th

Mad Turks North Channel Relay team

We, the Mad Turks, had a relay crossing of the North Channel at the end of July 2019 with infinity, while our friend Kamil had his solo crossing on the same day. Both… Read more “Mad Turks North Channel Relay team”

Emre Deliveli 

Zach Margolis

I had a great time swimming with Infinity! For my North Channel swim, the Infinity team were excellent communicators, good planners, and excellent support in the water, and super friendly. Working with… Read more “Zach Margolis”

HITtheWALL reviews

Every year around 200 participants from all over the world gather in Carlingford, Ireland to take part in the years most awaited open water endurance swim event hosted by infinity Channel Swimming… Read more “HITtheWALL reviews”

Anna Power

anna power

Dear Pádraig, Thank you so much for your valuable contribution to the swim. It was really reassuring seeing you there at the wheel, especially at night. My swim journey started with you… Read more “Anna Power”

Team Gavin Glynn

A few days have now past from the Irish Sea relay Channel swim success and the sea has return to its old choppy self.  Some years back we were contacted by Ger… Read more “Team Gavin Glynn”

Irish Sea Swim
17-19th September 2019

Pierre Lord

Pierre lord

A wee thank you.. 🇦🇺 🇫🇷 🇮🇪
Last Monday 26/8/19, I was lucky enough to swim across the North Channel between Donaghadee (Northern Ireland) and Portpatrick (Scotland). The conditions were good, my… Read more “Pierre Lord”

North Channel 2019

David Conradie

On Tuesday 13th August I achieved something pretty special: I swam the North Channel. Those of you reading this post will know the significance of this; it’s undoubtedly the greatest physical achievement… Read more “David Conradie”

North Channel 2019

Catherine Breed

In the closing stage of her North Channel swim crossing @Catherine Breed finishes in 11 hours 6 minutes and 40 seconds to kick start the 2019 season. Catherine left Bangor harbour early… Read more “Catherine Breed”

Catherine Breed

Ryan Utsumi USA

It’s a tough swim.  Really.  Pádraig’s experience both on and in the water were critical to my success and I can’t give enough thanks for his support.  A shout out is well-deserved… Read more “Ryan Utsumi USA”

North Irish channel 2018

Marty Filipowski

Channel swims are never easy and on top of this my crossing from Ireland to Scotland came at a time when my father was very ill and passed away. The Infinity team… Read more “Marty Filipowski”


The Isle of Man was my second relay channel crossing for me with Infinity Channel Swimming. The crew has all that it takes to do successful channel swim: strong knowledge of the Irish Sea,… Read more “Elina”

Alice Gartland

#HITtheWALL   An email went around the outdoor Swimmer team – yoga, meditation, swimming weekend in Ireland … “Alice this looks right up your street”, said our Marketing Manager Sharon “ooh sounds… Read more “Alice Gartland”

Carole Laporte

Being part of the 1st relay that swam from the IOM to Ireland was a very special event for me, more so because I have organised it in the past. Unfortunately, we did… Read more “Carole Laporte”

John McKenna ireland

Hi Padraig & team. Replying to the feedback email you sent out on how it helped me this year. I did Hit the Wall in a wetsuit as I thought that was… Read more “John McKenna ireland”

Ger Devin Ireland

Swam the English Channel, in 16hours , 41 min, and covered 70km. Was on a spring tide and hit a bit of bad weather on the day. Hit the wall 8 hour… Read more “Ger Devin Ireland”

Rachael Elkain

With pleasure…. “I would like to extend my thanks to the Infinity Channel Swimming team for their unwavering help and support in the lead up and during my Channel crossing. Communication from… Read more “Rachael Elkain”

Nick Murch

I had an excellent service   Very reasonable before regarding conditions. Excellent service. Cannot fault! To know more click here

Sam Whelpton South Africa

HITtheWALL was an awesome swimming experience- Thank you so much. I learnt a lot just by socializing and interacting with all the international swimmers who attended it too. It most definitely helped my… Read more “Sam Whelpton South Africa”

Stuart Munday UK

First of all I didn’t know what to expect when I booked Hit the Wall but as the event loomed I was struggling to get swims under my belt that was anywhere… Read more “Stuart Munday UK”

One day wonders

‘’It’s great when a well thought out plan succeeds and wow really chuffed that we crossed the Dál Riata Channel with a perfect combination of teams Infinity Channel Crossing and One Day… Read more “One day wonders”

Dál Riata Channel 2018 wetsuits

Cath Pendelton UK

2018 – I achieved one of my childhood dreams and swam the English Channel raising over £3500 each for two charities (SSAFA and Welsh Hearts) HITtheWALL really helped me to believe in… Read more “Cath Pendelton UK”

Jonathan NIC Solo

Padraig and Jacqueline, Throughout the entire preparation for my north channel attempt the infinity team were a constant source of encouragement, offering helpful advice and useful information born from direct experience of… Read more “Jonathan NIC Solo”

Herman van der Westhuizen

Dear Padraig and Jacqueline, I don’t have to write a testimonial – see below – it speaks for itself – A BIG THANK YOU! I did not think I could do this… Read more “Herman van der Westhuizen”

Carmel Collins NIC Solo

I had a great experience with infinity ,the crew were fantastic and very passionate at what they are doing . They did every thing possible to make my journey was it was… Read more “Carmel Collins NIC Solo”

Team TRISKELION IOM to Ireland

Being part of the 1st relay that swam from the IOM to Ireland was a very special event for me, more so because I have organised it in the past. Unfortunately, we… Read more “Team TRISKELION IOM to Ireland”

1st successful swim

Team Riptide Dál Riata Channel 2016

Team Riptide was brought together by Padraig to take on one of the least crossed and most difficult channels in the world. Infinity had spent years plotting the route, tides and weather… Read more “Team Riptide Dál Riata Channel 2016”

HITtheWALL 2016

HITtheWALL training weekend swimmers

HITtheWALL 2016 Feedback Book HITtheWALL 2017 here  181 Just a very small snip of… Read more “HITtheWALL 2016”

Ryan Stramrood

Making History 1st successful two way relay course of the North (Irish)Channel

Team member fast and frozen 2 way north channel relay team 1st two way North Channel crossing. I am absolutely delighted we used the services of Infinity Channel Swimming and placed our trust… Read more “Ryan Stramrood”

1st two way relay of the North (Irish) Channel

Gillian McShane Team Captain

Infinity V North Channel Relay

Making History 1st successful twoway of the North (Irish) Channel

North Irish Channel Swim

Swim The North Channel with Infinity Channel Swimming. Pilot two-way course North Channel, Start: 7:52.00 am July 27th Landfall in Scotland: 11:33.06 pm Finish: 1:49.23 pm July 28th Time:… Read more “Making History 1st successful twoway of the North (Irish) Channel”

Nuala Moore

Nuala Moore International Ice Swimming Association Ambassador – Bering Straits relay team member – Ice Miler   ”Open water is what Mallon’s know best.  Marathon swimming is what they do.”

International Ice Swimming Association Ambassador