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About infinity Channel Swimming

Our Core Values

  • Adventure
  • Have Fun
  • Belief
  • Community
  • Goal Focused
  • Excellence

Our Vision

To be the leading centre of excellence in pool and open water swim teaching and coaching locally, regionally and globally.

Through our passion, commitment and dedication to provide the best learning experience for all ages and abilities, to instill in our members a lifelong love of swimming and to inspire our members to Believe BIG, Achieve BIG all grounded in our ethos ‘Learn Here Swim Anywhere’.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality swim teaching and coaching in a safe, fun environment while ensuring the best experience for students, parents and crew.

To provide the fundamentals that will lay the skill foundation for technically sound, strong, confident swimmers encouraging and inspiring them to swim ‘Learn Here Swim Anywhere’

To make every visit to infinity an enjoyable one by taking a personalised approach to the learning experience of each and every member.

To support our teaching, coaching and water safety crews with the highest quality up-to-date teaching methods and practices.

Through our Learn To Swim Programmes, our Peak Performance Coaching, our Life-Skills Training Programmes and our Channel Swimming to inspire and empower our members to achieve their full aquatic, athletic and personal potential.

To build strong connections with swimming and all sporting communities locally and globally for the benefit of our members and our local community.