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Channel Swimming

Ireland offers some of the most challenging channel swims in the world; with the low water temperatures, difficult weather conditions, unique wildlife and huge currents all there to challenge and inspire you.

infinity Channel Swimming offers you individually tailored services for a variety of channel swims off the coast of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. We have the knowledge and experience to help you to achieve your swimming goal.  infinity Channel Swimming can provide you and your team with the right vessel and highly skilled crew to support you on the Channel Swim of your choice.

We are always up for a new challenge but know that mother nature has the upper hand in the swims that we embark on.  For this reason, our crew is highly skilled and trained in open water safety and rescue. We are always investing in our safety equipment; such as defibrillators, EpiPens, emergency oxygen and we are trained in the latest techniques in ocean rescue.

We also boast the fastest channel swimming escort boats on the water.  This means that we can safely return to harbor in an emergency situation faster than the emergency services can reach us.  We have a proven safety track record as well as the most successful channel swims in Irish history.

Here at infinity Channel Swimming, planning is the key to success!  Get in touch with us with any of your questions and we will help you to make your channel dreams come true!

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