Channel Swimming

Ireland offers some of the most challenging channel swims in the world with water temperatures, weather  conditions, wildlife, and huge currents to challenge you.

infinity Channel Swimming offer you services for a variety of channel swims off the coast of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. We have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your swim goal.  infinity Channel Swimming can provide you and your team with the right vessel and highly skilled team to support you on your Channel Swim of your choice.

We are always up for a new challenge and know that mother nature always has the upper hand in the swims we embark on.

Here at infinity Channel Swimming planning is the key to success.  Get in touch with us with your questions and set your sights on landing on shore having had a successful channel swim.

North Irish Channel

Dál Riata Channel

Irish Sea

Isle of Man

Bristol Channel

The Original Triple Crown

The OA Channel

Other swims