infinity Channel Swimming Director and Chairperson of ILDSA Pádraig Mallon interviewed on WOWSA’s ‘Open Water Wednesday’ with open water greats Ned Denison and Steven Muñatones. Ned Denison had a fascinating wide-ranging discussion with Pádraig Mallon of Infinity Channel Swimming in Northern Ireland on Open Water Wednesday. “We see so many people with unbelievable courage,” said Mallon about the channel swimmers, ice

With a heavy heart  we have decided to cancel HITtheWALL2020 🦠 all for the greater good. HITtheWALL2021 will be even sweeter: warm water 🤪 and friends all together in the one place from all over the  globe. What will be will find a way 🧐 For those of you who have booked HITtheWALL2020 We offer two options:1.

Some years back, we decided to undertake an adventure on the Cook Strait.  At the time it seemed like a pipe dream to pilot and support swimmers across the Cook Strait but as time went on, different parts of the jigsaw fell into place.  We love what we do and saw an opportunity on the

The brief was to capture the 2019 season in a five minute video. infinity Channel Swimming North Channel 2019 in 5 minutes ? Possible? Yes ! So, we squeezed 5 minutes full to bursting.    From sun up to sun down infinity Channel Swimming with you, every stroke.         2017 is where

A rainbow of colour encapsulates this masterpiece.   The 2019 North Channel Solos, relays, attempts and successes with infinity Channel Swimming  – each journey open to the elements of  Mother Nature. Every stroke creating a new path and a new piece of history in the mystical body of water. The North Channel 2019 with infinity Channel Swimming

David Conradie