When you can see Ireland from here you will know you have successfully swam the NC  Excited and delighted at the next phase of reopening allows us to offer pilotage for channel crossings from 15th July onwards. ILDSA online north channel application is now available: Click here Direct link: Click here Qualification swims:  There are lots

Every single emotion captured from fear to elation and of course the post swim rattles. The Donegal diamonds north channel record breaking relay   ‘If there is no fear there is no courage’          Check out the relay team records here   #openwaterswimming  

Some years back, we decided to undertake an adventure on the Cook Strait.  At the time it seemed like a pipe dream to pilot and support swimmers across the Cook Strait but as time went on, different parts of the jigsaw fell into place.  We love what we do and saw an opportunity on the

North Channel 3 crossing

There is no time like NOW Plan for 2019 and beyond if your goal is to swim the North Irish Channel, Isle of Man Channel, Dál Riata Channel, Oa Channel & Irish Sea We know the amount of training and planning it takes to swim the North Channel as we not only have piloted swimmers across to