Christopher in bid to swim North Channel for a cause close to his heart Christopher aims to raise funds for Stephen Lyness Foundation by Staff ReporterApril 4, 2017 Imagine swimming in open water for 25 miles, over a 15 hour period, non-stop. Imagine the water temperature is 12 degrees, there are lions mane jellyfish all

Rathlin Sound Swim   The Team at Infinity Channel Swimming have been invented to revive this great swim 1st attempt by Jack McClelland in 1959 and last swam by Gary Knox in 2010. Keith Gary ( World’s fastest man across the North Channel) and Chris Judge Both Northern Ireland’s top opening swimmers have been picked

The Celtic Quadrant

infinity channel swimming: The Celtic Quadrant – the World’s Toughest Channel Swims The Isle of Man  Distance: 70K+Water temperature 11oC – 13oC ‘The Oa Channel’ Distance: 70K+Water temperature 11oC – 13oC   With the already notoriously tough Dál Riata channel and ‘the North Irish Channel  that makes four:  ‘The Celtic Quadrant’  #seeyouinthewater  

HITtheWALL Now open

Register HERE for the 2017 HITtheWALL May 26th 27th and 29th limit 150 places The 2016 HITtheWALL open water swimming training was AMAZING for you and us. Thank you all for coming from all over the world to our playground. Are you ready for 2017 with up to 16 hours swim time and finding ability beyond

Sunfish Farm on North channel To help with jellyfish …. news for North Channel swimmers  this season and for the future …. BREAKING NEWS on the plans to create a ‘Sunfish fish farm’ off the Copeland Islands to feed on the local Lions Mane jellyfish. The Local NI -ICS  have released the plans for this

Infinity Channel Swimming Lifesaving Training The Team at Infinity Channel Swimming now Provide RLSS Training Pool Lifeguard Open Water Lifeguard AED Training Read more on the website   You don’t know when you will need it but if you use it you will be glad you had taken the training Contact us today Infinity Channel