The North Irish Channel The Dál Riata Channel The Oa Channel The Isle of Man Channel Port Oriel Many Many options available email Pádraig at [email protected] 2020 swim windows are now available    

It’s almost time for HITtheWALL 2018 Check out what’s in store   

North Channel 3 crossing

There is no time like NOW Plan for 2019 and beyond if your goal is to swim the North Irish Channel, Isle of Man Channel, Dál Riata Channel, Oa Channel & Irish Sea We know the amount of training and planning it takes to swim the North Channel as we not only have piloted swimmers across to

Hello from the Emerald Isle Home of HITtheWALL, BOOK HERE HITtheWALL challenge time is getting near and will be a true test of your open water swim skills and limits. This is your weekend itinerary. It has some changes to the original listings posted to our website.   Please ensure that you have a flotation

From all the crew at infinity Channel Swimming and infinity Swim Academy Thank you to all our old and new friends. 2017 was pretty cool and 2018 is set to top it all with the wish list that we have put together and will strive to offer to you.   Remember when creating your wish list for your future

HITtheWALL 2018 now on sale NOW BOOK NOW Full itinerary to follow …remember if you are swimming a channel in 2018 this is a perfect opportunity for your solo and relay qualification swim. If your in, your in for a good time ! #seeyouinthewater #beyondyourlimits #hitthewallharderthanithitsyou @infinitychanne3