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Port Oriel Swim

Swimmer Country Time Dates
Colleen Mallon Ireland 05:22:32 21/06/2014 1st Female Fastest Overall Fastest Female
Pádraig Mallon Ireland 06:57:01 21/06/2014 1st Male
Keith Garry Ireland 06:16:55 1/07/2014 2nd Male Fastest Male
Sophie Ryan Ireland 07:09:56 06/09/2020 2nd Female
Na Snamhoiri Oga, Abi McNamara, James Muckian, Joshua Muckian Ireland 07:40:48 25/08/2021

21st June, 2014

At 0516hrs on Midsummers day under a rising sun brother and sister duo Pádraig and Colleen Mallon set of in the 13C waters of The Irish Sea (Muir Éireann) to complete the Port Oriel Swim.

This is a newly navigated course for 2014 by infinity Channel Swimming, starting at Gyles Quay finishing at Port Oriel, Clougherhead Co.Louth a distance of 20K. This swim qualified Colleen Mallon for her North Channel Crossing.

Crew: Alex Engle, Jacqueline McClelland, Oonagh Garry, Aoiffe Lynch, Milo McCourt and Jennifer Boyle

Medic:  Chris Cooke

Pilots: Martin McCone and Shane Reenan

Thank you to the Irish Coast Guard and to Port Oriel Marina for their hospitality.

1st July, 2014

With choppy conditions Keith Garry completed the Port Oriel Crossing to become the fastest male 6:16:55 using this as his qualification swim for his English Channel crossing.

Crew: Oonagh Garry

Pilot: Pádraig Mallon

6th September, 2020

Sophie Ryan successfully swam from Gyles Quay to Port Oriel, Clogher Head, Co.Louth on the 6th September 2020.

The details were as follows:
Swim Date: 6th September 2020
Swim Time: 7 hrs 9 mins 56 secs
Swim Distance: 20.75 km
Start Coordinates: 53° 59.064' N, 006° 14.394' W
Finish Coordinates: 53° 47.967' N, 006° 13.404' W
Skipper: Shane Reenan
Crew: Claire Ryan

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