North Channel Swim Conditions

The North (Irish) Channel has shorter and less tidal windows than those of the English Channel sometimes with only five days per month when an channel swim crossing can take place.

Strong tidal currents can make it impossible for a swimmer under 3k/h speed to successfully cross however there have been several successful crossings with a swim speed lower than 3k/h.

The weather on the North (Irish) Channel can change quite quickly regardless of what the weather forecasts have predicted.

Here is some data from the North (Irish) Channel Weather of previous years to help your research.

The facts of the North channel sometimes known as the Irish channel
Distancenorth channel
Stretch of water of 35 km in a straight line between Donaghadee and Portpatrick.
Dew to the strong tidal currents you will swim 45 km+
The preferred course is from Northern Ireland to Scotland
Water temperature
Water temperature is from 10°c to the rarely seen 17°c the average temperature is between 13°c  and 14°c
Wild life
There are some dolphins, Minke whales and some sealers none of which will harm you. There are the unpleasant lions mane jellyfish which can be more frequent on the Scottish side some years and so sometimes be more frequent on the Irish side. Best to avoid them if possible but it is not always possible.

Lion's Mane Jellyfish North Channel

Lion's Mane Jellyfish North Channel

If there is an unusual high quantity of jellyfish the Infinity crew will gauge you pass them if you would prefer with simple easy instructions** (Please advise during booking)

North Channel Swim Conditions 
Here is some data from the North (Irish) Channel Weather to help you.


North (Irish) Channel Swim Temperature
swim temp average 2000 - 2015 NC
North (Irish) Channel Swim wind speed
wind speed average nc 2000 - 2015
North (Irish) Channel Swim Hours of Daylight
Average hours of daylight NC 2000 - 2015
North (Irish) Channel Swim Hours of Sunshine
average hours sunshine per month nc 2000 - 2015
North (Irish) Channel Swim Sea Level Pressure
North Channel 1Swim Pressure info
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