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Technical Data

Length Overall: 8.60 meters

Beam Overall: 2.77 meters

Internal Beam: 1.55 meters

Max Recommended Load: 1925 kg

Hull Weight: 1000 kg (excluding engines etc.)

Engine Power: Tween 150hp

Tube Diameter: 560 mm

Tube Material: Hypalon

Design Category: B

Infinity Crossings Vessel


The 860 model is a modernized version of our very successful Stormforce 8 It is available in 3 versions which include open cockpit, wraparound canopy, and hard cabin. Apart from the hardnose it also has a far superior level of finish which includes a one-piece mold from bow to stern

The new 860 also includes the provision for a double berth in the bow with proper access through the console. This has been achieved by the adaptation of the GRP hardnose featuring on our larger models, which provides total security in big seas.


The Stormforce 860 is a deep V hull form, which is one of the reasons that this RIB has such fantastic abilities in rough offshore conditions. The deep V hull is combined with spray rails to produce additional lift and improve the hydrodynamics of the hull. The tube is designed to sit firmly in contact with the water surface while at rest; this ensures that the RIB has maximum stability. In addition to this, the bow section has been enhanced to include a hardnose which protects the tubes in this very vulnerable front section.