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Colleen on her way to Scotland on the North Channel

Infinity team member Colleen on her way to Scotland on the North (Irish) Channel

We have the key ingredients you need to conquer the North Channel, or any channel you desire.

We offer a Professional chartered boat with experienced pilots and crew, who have a comprehensive understanding of a marathon distance swimmer’s mindset.

North Channel Swim Pilot Boat slots are very limited. I would advise all aspiring swimmers who are contemplating the North Channel swim to contact Infinity Channel Swimming today for slots

Piloting Services

North (Irish) Channel Piloting services




Dál Riata Channel Piloting services




Isle Of Man swim crossing Piloting services




Irish Sea Crossings Piloting services




What do Infinity Channel Swimming  provide for their Channel Piloting Services?

A fully Licensed and equipped boat

Highly experienced Pilot and crew


Other Infinity Piloting Services

We can supply crew to meet your needs

Feeder crew

Support swimmer

we can supply other equipment for your crossing if requested including white board Glow sticks hot water.


How to apply to swim the North (Irish) Channel



Infinity Crossings Boat’s



Infinity Crew





Contact us today to book your swim slot and feel safe in the knowledge that you will be in professional, experienced hands.




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