The Original Triple Crown

THE ORIGINAL TRIPLE CROWN is three channels the North Channel, English Channel, and Bristol Channel.

The original Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming is a marathon swimming challenge consisting of three historically important swims:

English Channel - between England and France

North Channel -   Ireland and Scotland

Bristol Channel -  starting or finishing in North Devon England  / Porthcawl, Wales


The less known Original Triple Crown was first completed in 1971 some 16 years before the better knowing Triple Crown which comprises The English Channel, the Catalina Channel and the Manhattan Island swim (20 Bridges in later years).


To qualify for The Original Triple Crown,  The Bristol Channel a route of approximately  should have a start or finish in North Devon, England and finish in Wales and The North Channel within Admirality chart 2198  between Ireland and Scotland.


Undoubtably, The Original Triple Crown is the most challenging of all the Triple Crowns and therefore is the most prestigious.


Up until 10.09.2020  Ted Keenan and Kevin Murphy were the only individuals to hold this title.


1973 Kevin Murphy completed THE ORIGINAL TRIPLE CROWN

1975 Ted Keenan completed THE ORIGINAL TRIPLE CROWN

2020 Kamil Resa Alsaran completed THE ORIGINAL TRIPLE CROWN


1971 Kevin Murphy 

1968 - English Channel- in 15 hours 55 minutes.

1970 - North Channel - in 11 hours 21 minutes.

1971Bristol Channel- in 13 hours 54 minutes.


1975 Ted Keenan 

13 August 1972 - English Channel in 18 hours 11 minutes

11 August 1973 - North Channel in 18 hours, 27 minutes

17 July 1975 - Bristol Channel in 14 hours 26 minutes


2020 Kamil Resa Alsaran

4 September 2012  English Channel in 13 hours 19 minutes

29 July 2019 - North Channel in 13 hours, 55 minutes, 37 seconds

10 September 2020 - Bristol Channel in 13 hours 8 minutes