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North Channel Virtual Challenge

Launched on 1.01.2021

infinity Channel Swimming offered a global network of swimmers the opportunity to complete a North Channel virtual challenge.

45K Solo
60K Total as a Relay Team

Swimmers could complete their challenge in a  pool, pond, lake, sea, river wherever.

On completion, swimmers received a bespoke North Channel virtual global swim challenge swim cap and completion certificate.

Honor Rolls

Keith Garry
Milo McCourt
John McElroy
Steven Grimley
Martin O'Hanlon
Stephanie Lyness
Chris Judge
Lynton Mortensen
Amy Gubser
Anna Strachan
Harry Jordan
Andrea Judge
John Savage
Jon Southey
Michelle Guthrie
Sophie Ryan
Fergal Madden
Alex Lee
Elaine Burrows-Dillane
Lucy Ashdown Parkes
Laurence Courtney
Martin McDevitt
Ann Morrow
Bridgeen Mallon
Jacqueline McClelland
Michael Mallon
Owen Martin
John McKenna
Rob Brown
Ali Casey
Bernie McQuade
Nicola Such

Jonathan Sargaison

Garrett Fegan