Dál Riata Channel Piloting Service

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The Dál Riata Channel Swim, previously known as the Mull of Kintyre Swim, is a newer and shorter 17 km (10.5-mile) channel swim and was pioneered by Wayne Soutter from Mull of Kintyre in Scotland to Ballycastle in Northern Ireland.

Wayne Soutter

Wayne Soutter

Wayne Soutter swam Dál Riata Channel Swim from Scotland to Ireland on 26 August 2012 in 12 hours 11 minutes. The first attempt by performed by Mercedes Gleitze in 1928.

Infinity Channel Swimming are delighted to have piloted the 1st relay and history's 2nd successful crossing of the Dál Riata Channel.


Team 210 South.

Dal Riada Channel swim (Mull of Kintyre to Ireland)
7th August 2015 Swim report

By Keith Gary


Solo Swims

Date Name Origin Direction Time (Hrs.Mins.Secs)
26/8/12 Wayne Soutter South Africa Scotland to Ireland 12:11:00

Relay Swims (4 Persons)

Date Team Origin Direction Time (Hrs.Mins.Secs)
7/9/15 210' South West Ireland Scotland to Ireland 7:33:16

Record Holders

Fastest solo overall  

Wayne Soutter 12:11:00    26/8/12

Fastest solo female 
It Could be you !!

Fastest solo male

Wayne Soutter 12:11:00    26/8/12

Fastest Relay Team

210' South West      7:33:16    7/9/15