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Ocean Grease 80/20


For the swimmer who wants a predominantly lanolin (wool fat) blend with some petroleum jelly for long lasting protection

80 parts Anhydrous Lanolin (Wool Fat), 20 parts Petroleum Jelly



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What is Ocean Grease

  • Ocean Grease is a range of anti-chafing lubricants made from anhydrous lanolin (wool fat) and petroleum jelly for open water swimmers.
  • Ocean Grease was developed by Perth based pharmacist Edward Beck who recognised that swimmers often found it difficult to purchase anti-chafing lubricants for open water swims.
  • Ocean Grease has simplified life for open water swimmers by supplying open water swimming lubricants online, in practical quantities and in user-friendly packaging.
  • Ocean Grease will become part of your pre-swim ritual.

Key Benefits

  • One of the challenges an open water swimmer faces is chafing, which can cause serious damage to the skin.
  • When swimming long distances, swimmers experience continuous skin friction. The fact that open water swims often take place in sea water, a solution primarily composed of salt which has an abrasive effect on the skin, doesn’t bode well for swimmers. Ocean Grease will minimise chafing, and most importantly reduce any time out of the water due to chafing. Being practically insoluble in water, Ocean Grease gives open water swimmers the added protection of a barrier between the skin and the water.
  • Simplifying the pre swim prep for open water swimmers. One simple purchase and easy application.  No need to have the messy preparation of melting and mix lanolin and vaseline at home.
  • Clear coverage on the body – no ghostly white appearance!
  • Long lasting for marathon distance swimming
  • Permitted under FINA and North Channel rules.
  • Refer to FINA open water swimming rules 6.11.


Directions for use

  • Ocean Grease is a range of anti-chafing lubricants made from Anhydrous Lanolin (Wool Fat) and Petroleum Jelly for open water swimmers.
  • Ocean Grease is for external use only. Consider a patch test before first use if allergy is suspected. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.
  • Ocean Grease should be applied to rubbing areas. Consider applying Ocean Grease to your armpits, jawline, neckline, shoulders, back, groin and thighs.
  • Use disposable gloves to avoid greasy hands and fingerprints on goggles.
  • Store below 25°C
  • If competing, do not apply Ocean Grease before having your competition number written or stamped on your body. Lubricants may prevent ink or race tattoos from adhering to the surface of the skin.
  • Use Ocean Grease sparingly over your competition number as the ink may smudge.
  • In cold weather, leave Ocean Grease in a warm area or immerse closed container in warm water to soften. You may consider filling a thermos with warm (not boiling) tap water.
  • Grease is messy. Have spare towels handy to sit on particularly if on a boat.
  • Use disposable gloves to avoid greasy hands and greasy fingerprints on goggles.
  • Have an old towel or rag handy for removing excess Ocean Grease on completion of the swim/race.
  • Use warm soapy water to remove Ocean Grease from the body post swim.

Read full directions here.

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Weight 220 g


  1. Anna

    “Thankyou, thank you, thank you. Your grease got me across the North Channel. Stayed on all day, I am chafe free and even better it really did help defend against the nasty barbs of the giant Lions Mane Jelly fish that haunt so many attempts. You literally saved the day.”
    Anna, North Channel Crossing

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