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Infinity Adventure Lights Guardian™ Expedition


Infinity Adventure Lights Guardian™Flashing LED Warning Light – Green

Infinity Adventure Lights Guardian™ Expedition Rugged Warning Beacon with up to 5km visibility (high visibility tool)

The Guardian is rugged, easy to use, and can be seen for up to 5 km / 3.1 Miles. With its dual function of either flashing or steady on LED modes, the Guardian can offer over 250 hours of use. Whether open water swimming, walking, hiking, running, or cycling outdoors the Guardian is the one safety light to have when you must be seen. 
Designed to be rugged and reliable, the light is waterproof to 100m (300 feet) and features an operational temperature range from -40° to 50 ° C. 
The guardian is currently used by swimmers and in lots of other sports throughout the world. 
Supplied with a belt clip as standard.

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Product Description

  • Available in green.  Green is the most visible in the open water during swimming at dawn, dusk, and at night.
  • Belt clip included
  • Highly cost effective
  • Omni-directional light (visible from all sides)
  • Directional light visible up to 5km in darkness
  • Dual mode – steady-on or flashing
  • A simple twist of the lens turns the unit on and off
  • Flashing – up to 250 hours of operational light per set of batteries
  • Steady-on – over 11 hour’s bright light and 100 hours of operational light per set of batteries
  • Lifetime led (rated at 100,000 hours)
  • High impact resistance – extra tough optical dome
  • Rugged – designed to withstand being driven over by an average car
  • Operates in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C
  • Ultra compact – measures 41.0×52.3×31.0mm
  • Ultra lightweight – just 20g/0.7oz. Including clip and batteries – will not restrict movement
  • Optional base units and attachments allow easy fastening to clothing or equipment

Technical Specification

dimensions Dimensions 41x33x33 mm

Field of View in Degrees FOV 180°

Weight in grammes Weight 20g

Battery Type & Quantity Battery 2 x CR2032


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