Read Keith Garry’s testimonial for Infinity Channel Swimming below.

Keith Garry Testimonial Swim

Keith Garry

Keith’s Testimonial

The team of 210 Southwest and I would like to thank ‘Infinity’ and Padraig for the expert piloting, guidance and motivation for our successful swim across the Dal Riata Chann2ael.

As a Channel Swimmer Padraig himself knows and understands the thoughts and needs of the swimmer in advance of a swim. This is apparent in his clear and consistent communication. He takes the time to explain all the required details of the swim, tides and weather. How much detail he has given for each individual swim, paying attention to the swimmers fitness needs and abilities it is clear



Both Padraig and his crew were very supportive and took a pro-active role in encouraging and cheering the swimmers on during the swim showing top class care and attention as each swimmer
finished their rotation. The wheel house had an open door and our team could ask questions at any time on our progress or any aspect of the swim. His encouragement is contagious and spreads across the boat. He was on fullalert the entire time, we all felt in safe hands and had complete trust in his abilities and service.
Thanks again Padraig

Keith Garry